As displayed here is a representation of the General de Gaulle that was commissioned by an association commemorating the 100 years of his birth, 50 years of his famous speech on June 18th, 1940 and the 20 years of his death.  Done from a period picture it is composed of 17 wood specimens and 225 pieces.

On the right is a reproduction of the “Last Supper” (150 x 130cm) based on the book “La Bâtie d’Urfé”  edited by the Loire General Council and from a drawing by PIERRE RAMOND professor at the BOULLE school of Paris (Master piece of the Marquetry).
Created at the time for our love of the trade and today on display at the Château de la Bâtie d’Urfé (Loire).

On the left, a reproduction of a Renaissance cabinet based on an original, following the split of an estate.

A inlaid vanity made from solid pear tree wood based on a sketch and vision of a client.  The concept of combination drawers was developed further to our research and advice to the client.