Cabinetmakers for four generations the Pomier family has passed on their trade expertise from father to son and has over the years specialized in marquetry and the restoration of antique furniture

The great grand father who started as a carpenter cabinetmaker in Bourg St Andéol (in Ardèche) fathered Jean Pomier who became a Compagnon of the Tour de France,  specializing in church furniture. 
In 1932 André Pomier was born and after his apprenticeship specialized in the high restoration of antique furniture by partnering with Mr. Meyer who was at the time a well established training master in Lyon.


In 1960 he took over this workshop and later on obtained the “Grand Prix Regional des Métiers d’Art”  and was nominated with the “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres”

Jean Pomier

He trained his two sons Patrick et Frederic (First Prize of “Les Métiers d’Arts de la ville de Lyon”, First Prize of the Lyon Rotary Club, etc…) and handed to them this workshop located at 16 rue Ste Helene in Lyon where they continue to share this love and passion for the art and respect of our heritage.

A clientele of amateurs, collectors and public institutions entrust them
with true Master pieces to be restored.